T H E  N E X T  B I G  T H I N G

I N  D E C K I N G

We are Monarch Technologies, developers of the revolutionary new product, MonaDeck™!

Made of Earth-friendly wood/bamboo fiber and a bio-based resin system, MonaDeck™ is a new composite deck product born for extreme sports and redesigned for the American deck!


Featuring high definition graphics that simulate the look and feel of natural wood, combined with competitive durability and a Class A Fire Rating, we are excited to bring this unique product to the homeowner’s market.

Finished with unique high definition graphics applied to the surface, MonaDeck™ simulates the look and even feel . . .

The technology behind MonaDeck™ was developed in the late 1990’s for internationally televised extreme sporting events . . .

And Introducing

M  O  N  A  C  L  A  D

We took the best parts of our MonaDeck™ product, and built them up.  Now, MonaClad™ offers that unique style and incredible durability for the exterior of your home or business.  Made with the same Earth-friendly wood/bamboo fiber and bio-based resin compound as MonaDeck™, the underlying technology of MonaClad™ provides reliable weather protection to stand up to the elements, and even a Class A fire rating to protect against the unpredictable.  As beautiful as it is tough, MonaClad™ incorporates the same high definition graphics designed to replicate that rustic old barnwood look.  Whether you're a homeowner looking to show off a little, or a business looking to stand out, MonaClad™ has got you covered.



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